“DC Universe: Rebirth” series from DC Comics

​ACTION 990 “The Oz Effect Part 4”
The creature calling himself “Jor-El” recruits Superboy, while Superman valiantly fights to resolve civil wars across the globe.

BATGIRL 16 “Summer of Lies”
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and her new friend Dick Grayson/Robin confront two hackers about their attitude toward her new friend and mentor, Dr. Ansley Welles. They tell the duo that she is a liar and deceiver. She’s associated with The Mad Hatter, who is selling a street drug made of nanotech!

On Earth-12, Batman is broken-hearted at the death of his beloved Wonder Woman. On Earth-0 (Our world), ARGUS is facing a global crisis. All the costumed superheroes are vanishing. The Batman he Merciless shows up and kills all the planners.

DETECTIVE 967 “A Lonely Place pf Living Part 3”
Bruce has found a grown Tim Drake, alive and in good shape, except that someone had given him a massive electric shock. Tim warns that he hasn’t been alone!

HAL JORDAN AND GLC 31 “Mind Games”
Guest Superman is assisting Hal Jordan, the senior Green Lantern, save Egghead from weird creatures trying to use his mind power to invade and capture Earth-0.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 17 “Panic in the Microverse—Finale”
In the microverse, Dr. Ray Palmer and his protégé Ryan Choi and allies Batman and the JLA face Aron Aut. He plans to destroy the microverse. Ryan, the new Atom, is convinced that he can stop the Ignition Point, but the original Atom is afraid that the effort will kill his protégé. 

Dick Grayson’s crusade to end metahuman dominance has backfired. His own son, Jake, whose mom was Starfire, has begun to show super-powers, and since Dick harbored him regardless, he stands to lose everything: his status, position, family and all. Dick’s wife is headed to see him in the interrogation room, but Dick breaks out and heads for Jake.

SUICIDE SQUAD 28 “The Secret History of Task Force X, Part 2”
Colonel Flag’s grandfather headed the original Task Force X, the predecessor to the Suicide Squad. He is hidden on the moon and brings the current Squad to complete the mission. Meanwhile, zombie robots are attacking their spaceship, and the enchantress can’t transport them to safety because she has learned something more of the secret mission.

TEEN TITANS 13 “The Return of Kid Flash Part 1”
Damian has designed a Virtual Team so they can train even when all are not at HQ, but it keeps turning the avatars into antagonists rather than allies. The other approach Robin with a request: allow Kid Flash/Wally West to return. They argue that they are all imperfect, and will make mistakes. He’s not convinced, but he makes a concession.

THE FLASH 33 “Bats Out of Hell Part 1”
Barry Allen is trying desperately to save the multiverse from the Dark multiverse. The demon Barbatos used Batman as a gateway into our world, bringing seven nightmare versions of Brue Wayne. Superman is convinced that Batman is the key to defeating Barbatos and restoring the multiverse, so he entered the Phantom Zone to find him. Barry and Steel head to the Fortress to study the Nth Metal machine. The Multiverse exists on different vibrational planes, and the cosmic tower was designed to align them. Batman’s experiments on it might have opened the portal in chaos.

WONDER WOMAN 33 “Times Past”
Darkseid’s evil daughter is stealing energy from the Olympians to restore her father’s life and power. Wonder Woman’s divine siblings turned out to be mortal after all, and Darkseid grows older with each infusion of energy.

              ​​“DC Universe: Rebirth” - Series from DC Comics

AQUAMAN 28 “Underworld-Usurper”
​Arthur escapes from Kadaver, with some help from the voiceless Dolphin. Krush plans to tell the new king that Aquaman isn’t dead, after all. Mera has recruited Garth (former Aqualad) to help her beat the ancient Atlantean magic, but they are caught in the act by royal guards. The penalty is death.

BATMAN 31 “The War of Jokes and Riddles Part 5”

Batman is (reluctantly) leading the allies of Riddler into the Tower Building where Joker has plenty of lethal traps. Catwoman reconnoiters, discovering there are no bombs attached to the windows. They glide in on Kite Man’s brilliant creations. After  a brief fight, the kites pull the allies out of the building, leaving Riddler, Joker and Batman. His tale is almost finished.

​​The Dark Multiverse is made of the nightmares of uncounted worlds. In one of them, Batman, the Dark Knight, wants Flash to give up the Speed Zone, to HIM. He plans on beating the Rogues, then using it to keep ahead of the supervillains in Gotham, to save his family, to save the world. He becomes Batman, the Red Death. But it isn’t enough. Then, a mysterious creature takes him to Earth-0, the original. He attacks Iris and Wally, then Barry. This Batman is one of seven evil knights invading Earth-0 in The METAL saga.

​GREEN ARROW 31 Hard-Traveling Hero Part 6”
Oliver is on the dark side of the moon, fighting against the 9th Circle. Back on Earth, Red Arrow/Emi and Black Canary/Dinah are about to pummel the Auctioneer. Ollie explodes a bomb that destroys his foe and sends the spacecraft in flames toward Earth. Hal awakens, his ring expended. SM, WW & F are impressed with GA’s courage and determination, & offer him a seat in the JL. He’s not a team kinda guy but can be their rogue agent. They agree. BM warns him that something dark is coming to Earth, and asks GA to protect his family in Gotham. He agrees. 

GREEN LANTERNS 31 “Out of Time-Homecoming “
​At the edge of the universe, the Memorial to the original seven GLs is still guarded by the practically immortal Tyran’r, one of those seven. Volthoom,captured by the Guardians, used his travel lantern to send Simon and Jessica back to their present. Now they visit the Memorial and Tyran’r turns his ring over to Simon. Now he is powered again, and they re-energize Tryan’r so he and Rami can search for the other 5 original rings. Simon & Jessica can go home for now!

​HARLEY QUINN 28 “Vote Harley Part 1”

​HQ decides to run for mayor in order to defeat the corrupt man now holding the office. First, she enlists Ivy and Harlem to help her bust the biggest car theft ring in NYC, with the full cooperation of the NYPD. Madison bargains for her life with a phone number for the mayor to call in help: Dr. Crane, the Scarecrow!

​​JUSTICE LEAGUE 29 “Legacy”
Aquaman of the Future bursts into Lois & Clark’s house with Green & Red K to assault SM. Arthur knocks out Lois when she tries to attack him. BM arrives later to help her. Meanwhile, WW is under assault by the JL grown children, led by her son Hunter. Simon Is holding back the darkness until Hunter boom-tubes his mom to their location. Mera and her daughter are talking about Arthur when he appears. He aligned himself with Sovereign, the so-called Queen of the Earth, and she’s planning to burn the surface world. 

​NIGHTWING 29 “Gotham Resistance Part 2”

​​Teams are merging to find BM and fight the terrible ice in Gotham. Harley, the Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, the Titans, and others are working together. The Court of Owls statue has reappeared, Dick’s forehead wound from the Black Blade is oozing again, and he explains to Damian what is going on. Damian is determined to find their father; Dick explains to GA that the metal is what they encountered earlier. Barbatoes, the demon, uses it somehow. Dick is “trying to keep the light on” for Batman until he returns, but they are facing a grim and horrifying dark version of themselves. They must stay united.

​SUPER SONS 8 “Planet of the Capes Part 3”
​The boys meet two armed heroines fighting YGarrdis, the conqueror of their world, Eoroe. Ygarrdis is a living planet that sucks all the energy and life from a world. The two heroines were saved by Kraklow, who they consider a great magician. Damian in incredulous: he and Jon thought Kraklow was just a wannabe from Earth, and they were pursuing him into they fell into this world. They theorize that this is an alternate-world situation, and that the weird clay is what Ygarrdis is seeking. He uses it to make an army that he sends against R & SB!

​​SUPERMAN 31 “Breaking Point Part 1”
Superman saves a STAR Lab tech who discovered a barrier that separates two incompatible worlds, which STAR hopes to weaponize. Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy travel to meet a Mexican warlord only to find him and his men slaughtered, the apparent work of Deathstroke! Lois travels to interview him, which she does after he dispatches a bunch of armed thugs. Later he travels to Metropolis, and pulls a gun on her! (Is it a trap to get Superman?)


​Commemorative Edition in deluxe metal case (rated PG-13)
​Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning graphic novel married origin stories with Cold War issues. When the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman was under suspicion, they are aided by a bevy of new allies to save the world. The story is exceptional, and the animation is very “New Frontier” style. I loved this movie before and it’s great to watch it again!


Featuring the voice talents of Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and William Shatner as Two-Face (rated PG)

A decade of ground-breaking DC Super Hero animation spanning 30 full-length feature films and 5 animated shorts, combined with new bonus features

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“DC Universe: Rebirth” series from DC Comics

​BATMAN 34 “Rules of Engagement Part 2”
BM & CW traveled to see Talia al Ghul, the most dangerous woman alive (according to BM). She is holding Holly Robinson, the woman who killed 237 people, and Selina is charged with their deaths. Talia pulls a sword and attacks Bruce, badly wounding him. Then she asks if Selina has a sword. It looks like a fight is imminent. Meanwhile, Damian and Dick wait outside the castle to see what happens when Bruce and Talia meet. 

On Earth-1, Batman decides that Superman is giving false hope and that he is a lethal menace to Earth, so he creates a Doomsday virus that makes him invulnerable to Superman’s powers. Then he kills him. Now he has come to Earth-0 to infect everyone to keep them safe from SM, even Lois.

Jack Napier aka Joker has been healed physically, psychologically, and mentally. He’s determined to go straight and wants Harley to go straight with him, marry him, and have a normal life. He also wants to show Gotham they don’t need Batman, and for that he’s willing to be underhanded and criminal.

DEATHSTROKE 25 “Defiance: The Society”
The Society of Evil has Deathstroke on trial, and Riddler is defending him but asking the deep philosophical question, “what is evil?” His contention is that Slade Wilson wasn’t always evil; that his life experiences turned him, so if he changed once he could again. His history is sad: his determination to survive is unchanged. Is Slade Wilson incorrigible? Is his redemption short-lived?

GREEN ARROW 34 “Trial of Two Cities”
Oliver’s mom isn’t dead. She joined the Ninth Circle. She believes in their goals, which were set by the founder, his father. The current leadership has perverted the goals, Moira insists, and she needs her son to help to expose them. Canary is glad he’s back, but Ollie’s worried about his upcoming trial. Diggle nursed Merlyn back to health, who then tried to kill Diggs. Oliver decides to help his mom salvage sunken Ninth Circle gold.

GREEN LANTERNS 34 “Work Release”
Jessica and Simon use their unique gifts and GL powers to accomplish two miraculous rescues: Simon’s ring helps him to heal a mortally wounded daughter of the Ungarian commander, while Jessica convinces the tiny inhabitants of an inner-planetary world that was about to implode that they would honor their world better by surviving than dying with it. Yet on Earth, neither can get an ordinary job.

JUSTICE LEAGUE 34 “Bats Out of Hell Part 2”
Cyborg realizes his team, the JL, is scattered and being conquered because they are individuals fighting against the twisted versions of Batman merged into their other-earth doppelgangers. The fighting is desperate and the stakes are every life in the multi-universe.

NIGHTWING 32 “Raptor’s Revenge Part 3”
Raptor appears in his civilian guise at Dick’s table in the casino of Bludhaven. He accuses Dick of being interested only in taking care of himself, but Dick counters with an account of a young man who claimed to watch out for Dicks’ mother yet was trying to steak Bruce Wayne’s watch instead out checking out the mysterious guy who poured acid on the Grayson’s ropes. Meanwhile, Shawn is leading the Run-offs to stop poisoning the people of Bludhaven.

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 “DC Universe: Rebirth” series from DC Comics​-Part II

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“DC Universe: Rebirth” series from DC Comics-​Part I