​​Here are the latest books for kids, just in time for Easter!

Penguin-Random House:

“Tiny Bible Tales” 
“Jonah and the Whale” and “David and the Lost Lamb”

By W.C.Bauers and illustrated by Marta Costa. 

The two books put a boy in the main character’s story. For David, that fits: he was a boy shepherd. It makes Jonah interesting…but both books tell the stories faithfully from the Bible text, with clever illustrations in sturdy board books. I especially enjoyed the David account!


 “When God Made Light”

By Matthew-Paul Turner, illustrated by David Catrow 

This is a joyful riot of colors and enthusiastic children and pets playing and celebrating how amazing and wondrous our universe is. Filled with fanciful and bold illustrations, it makes me smile every time I read it. Your kids will, too!

Broadstreet Kids


“A Giant Headache-The Story of David and Goliath”, and “The Big Flood: The Story of Noah and the Ark”​

​Written and Illustrated by Paul & Delores Gully

Both books tell true stories from the Bible: from I Samuel 17, the account of the giant warrior toppled by a simple shepherd with a sling and heart for the LORD; from Genesis 5-10, a faithful man and his family are saved in a great boat from a flood that eliminates the evil people of the world. The text is set in rhymes and the pictures are bright and uncluttered but drive the narrative forward.

Pelican Publishing

 “Army Camels: Texas Ships of the Desert”​

 By Doris Fisher and Illustrated Julie Dupre’ Buckner

This is also a true story, although not one from the Bible. In 1856, a US Senator thought that camels would make great pack animals for the vast desert stretches of Texas and other places in the southwest. These 34 beasts of burden could carry 1200 pounds each and go for 3 days with water stops. They did so well that 41 more camels were transported. After the Civil War, most were auctioned to private owners.

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

“The Rabbit and the Shadow”​

B​y Melanie Rutten​

​This is a very sweet story about a Stag and a little Rabbit who became a father and son, an angry scared soldier who turned out to be a girl, a cat who wanted to have a story end, a book who wanted to be read, and a Great Bear form the night sky who watched over them all. 

“Herodotus the Hedgehog”

By Jean-Luc Buquet​

Herodotus is a young hedgehog who is curious and compassionate. He wanted to know about everything. One day he sees a bear worshipping his Great Spirit, and as he travels through the forest he sees other animals doing the same thing, each to their own animal Great Spirit. Herodtus asks them about the Great Spirit, but Hoopoe insists there is only One Great Spirit. After they argue they leave and Hedgehog must decide for himself about the Great Spirit.

“Hidden City: Poems of Urban Wildlife”

 By Sarah Grace Tuttle and Illustrated by Amy Schimler-Safford


A city of full of life, but it’s not all human. There are insects of all kinds, birds, raccoons, bats, squirrels, skunks, feral cats, snakes and wee beats. They live in overgrown abandoned lots, in parks and fountains, empty lots and graveyards, and damp basements.

Candlewick Press

“Prickly Hedgehogs!”​

by Jane McGuinness

Little hedgehogs are called “hoglets” and after ten days of mama’s milk they are weaned and ready to learn to hunt. They can range over a mile foraging for bugs. When frightened they roll into a ball, and they hibernate every winter. (I love the pictures!)

“Snowboy and the Last Tree Standing”

By Hiawyn Oram and llustrated by Birgitta Sif​

​​Greedy Greenback is determined to make every bit of money he can by cutting down all the trees and catching every fish in the ocean, so he tries to convince his pal Snowboy to help. But he’s too wise. (Lovely illustrations, too).

 “The Treasure of Pirate Frank”

​By Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham and Illustrated by Jez Tuya

A boy and his dog follow their treasure map, sail the seas, past the mountains and the volcano, through woods and swamps to get to the treasure of Pirate Frank. But there’s a big surprise!

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